Thursday, June 12, 2008

Abduction of ABS-CBN Crew and Ces Drilon

The media is again at the limelight of the headlines. The abduction of Ces Orena Drilon, one of the newscaster of ABS-CBN and her 2 crews pose a new issue on how safe is the Philippines specially in Mindanao.

The government continued war against terrorism is again a failure in this case. They failed to eradicate ABu Sayyaf and other MILF breakaway groups. The problem on Abu Sayyaf continues. The armed forces cant even eradicate this small groups of bandits. Millions of pesos spent by the government in its anti-terror campaign maybe is not enough. Or maybe they are doing the wrong strategies in eradicating these terrorist from our country.

Based on the reports, Ces Drilon and her crew were held by 2 groups, an Abu Sayyaf and MILF breakaway group. There are on-going negotiations between the abductors and the local officials and other local groups in Mindanao. ABS-CBN is also reported to have a constant communication with the group. Although a news black out is requested to insure the safety of Ces Drilon and her crew.

As of this moment their guide, Dimampo, a prof, is still missing including the driver and another person.

The adbuction of CEs Drilon would instill fears to Filipinos and foriegn nationals. This may be the start again of the kidnap for ransom activities of these groups since they are in need of money to sustain their existence.

We just hope the government would do its best to facilitate the release and if they can capture these bandits as soon as possible so as not to sow more fears in Mindanao and in the Philippines in general.

Ces Drilon and others were released by the adbuctors but some believes that a ransom was paid. When she was released, according to the reports, two bags were seen which was believed to be the ransom paid. It ranges from 12 million to 25 million pesos.

There are also some theories that the kidnapping of Drilon is a tactic of ABS-CBN to deviate the attention of the public from the Meralco issue.

It was believe that aside from the 5 million pesos ransom given by ABS-CBN and the family of Ces Drilon, another 15 million were given to the kidnappers.

The negotiators , Isnajis were tagged as one of thprincipal in the kidnapping. They were under the custody of the authorities. They were accused by the PNP of having a share of 3 million of the ransom or they did not give the 3 M to the kidnappers.

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