Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Government of the Philippines: Government of Greed?

The recent development on the testimony of Jun Lozada makes the Filipino think what is happening to the entire political system of the Philippines. It seems we are going back to the regime of the late Ferdinand Marcos. We never learned our lessons from the past. We allow these government officials to amaze wealth thru illegal acts.

From the testimony of Lozada, the kickbacks is normal in the procurement system of the government. Moderation of GREED. This should be thought in schools. What is greed? It seems that the word ETHICAL, LEGAL, FAIR, HONESTY,JUST are not in the vocabulary of our government officials. I think we have to teach them the basics. Send them to a bible study. Let them undergo a refresher course on good governance and ethics. Or maybe let them see a priest and ask for guidance.

For cabinet officials. think, think about the future of the filipino people. Reform now. Instead of thinking on how to get millions of kickbacks from government projects, just think of the millions of filipinos who are jobless, who are homeless, who cant afford to eat at least 3 times a day.

This is a call for everyone in the government.... the timeis now!

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