Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Supreme Court's Decision on Neri

The senators are up in arms with the latest decision of the supreme court about the issue of executive previlege envoked by Neri during the Senate investigation on NBN-ZTE Deal Scandal. The Supreme Court voted 9 - 6 in favor of Secretary Neri. Can these senators do something to compel Neri to take the witness stand again?

This can be considered a great victory of MalacaƱang against its political opponents. At least the President can take a rest and probably stop worrying for a moment. This would at least stop the pressure on his cabinet secratary in divulging to the senate inquiry what he really knows about the ZTE-NBN Deal.

And of course Sec. Neri is lucky to have the Supreme Court's decision to favor him. We just hope that the supreme court justices dicided based on law not based on affiliation. Like for example the newly appointed justice who favored with the decision.


  1. what is legal is not always just. the senators may have other motives than purely seeking justice or truth in aid of legislation, but they are the best hope of the filipino people in exposing and combating the corruption and greed of the present administration. the judicial branch of the government is supposed to be on the side of justice but even the supreme court can prove to be politically partisan.

  2. yes i agree with you.thye may say that they are pro people but deep inside they are doing this for their own interests.