Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Campaigning for 2010 Elections: Early Moves of Philippine Politicians

What can you say about the strategies being made by politicians running for the 2010 Presidential Elections? Most of these politicians are now doing some media and pr campaign. Although their strategies cant be consiered as electioneering, but their actions are really an example of campaigning for the next elections.

Here are some people who are already busy establishing their ground in the possible position that they are running for in 2010 elections.

Manuel Villar - advertisements on television about helping OFW.

Bayani Fernando - posters all around Metro Manila, the metro gwapo campaign.

Loren Legarda - advertisements/endorsement of products on televisions, and taking part in the negotiation for the release of Ces Drilon.

Ping Lacson - endorsement of a product/billboards

Those people who can sustain the high cost of advertising can really have an extra mileage come the 2010 Presidential elections.

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  1. That is why Philippine politics is only for elitists. Rarely is there a few who wins the money-game against the millionaires or crony-funded tradpols.