Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Religious Leaders for President: Better Alternatives?

Religious leaders are now more vocal and involves themselves in the political activities with the hope that they can also provide the change Filipinos are longing for. It is stated in our constitution that there is a separation of the church and the state but with the recent developments in our politics today, it seems that this prohibition may not deter people from the church to participate in election.

The number of people from religious organization interested in the 2010 national election is increasing. They are hoping that, with huge following, they have an edge from traditional politicians.

Those who are willing to run for the presidency in the coming elections are the following:

Gov. Ed Panlilio - priest on leave Roman Catholic Church
Brother Eddie Villanueva - (JIL) Jesus is Lord Founder
Brother Mike Velarde - El Shaddai Founder

Are we expecting for more when the filing of candidacies starts in November? Who do you think is the best alternative leader from these candidates? How big is thier chance to win the election?

Should we expect that Iglesia ni Cristo will also field their candidate?

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