Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Congress Vows to Pass 17 Food Bills to Address Food Shortage?

As usual our congress is again late in taking necessary action to avert the effects of food crisis in the philippines. With so much politicking, they were caught unguarded on what to do to protect food security. They allocated much of their time doing investigations such as the ZTE Deal but forgot to address a much bigger problem that our country is facing right now.

Even if they pass these 17 bills, it would be too late.. Millions of Filipinos are now suffering from the food crisis. If these politicians would only experience falling in line for a 1 kilo NFA rice and suffer from the long ques and scourging heat of the sun, they would probably act earlier. Anyway these politicians are eating 3 complete meals a day, why bother for others.

What are these Food related Bills?

- Affordable Quality Medicine Act
- Income Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners
- Credit Information System
- Personal Equity Retirement Account
- Amendments to the Customs Brokers Act
- Strict Regualation and Stiffer Penalties for Illegal Importation
- Manufacture and Disposition of Explosives
- Amendments to the Electric Power Industry Reform Act
- Renewable energy
- National Tourism Policy
- Amnesty Proclamation
- Extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian reform program
- Consumer Protection
- Amendments to the Ombudsman Act
- Anti Smuggling Act
- Witness protection
- Fire Protection Modernization
- Magna Carta for Women

It will be a long way to go for these bills. It will take months and even years before it will be approved. What will happen to the poor filipinos.


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