Monday, April 28, 2008

GMO Rice is being sold in the Philippines.

What is GMR

GMR is genetically modified rice. It is developed through the use of gene technology, a process where the genes of the rice variety is altered to increase yield, nutritional value, or its resiliency.

Examples of these GMR are the Liberty Link Variety (LL601) and the Golden Rice Variety. LL601 is genetically altered to survive the powerful herbicide glufosinate while the Golden Rice Variety with turned off genes that lead to the production and accumulation of beta-carotene in the grains. It is recognizable thru its yellow to orange color.

These GMR have not been subjected to rigorous testing. Some of the noted effects of genetically manipulations in rice and other foods is it may produce allergens and cause allergic reactions.

GMO is being sold in the Philippines.

According to Greenpeace, the government imported rice contaminated with an unauthorized genetically modified organism or (GMO rice LL601) has already reached the tables of the Filipino households. It was the Blue Ribbon Texas long grain which is tested positive for GMO rice strain LL601 from Texas and Arkansas, USA. It is the 44,000 MT of long grains rice imported from the US. Although, the National Food Authority or NFA already cleared the rice shipment and denied that it was contaminated with GMO. This rice variety is sold at the public markets at P25.00 per kilo.

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