Thursday, October 16, 2008

Recent Philippine Headlines and Issues:

Supreme Court Junks the MOA-AD between the government and MILF as contrary to law and unconstitutional.

An ex-cop was held at an airport in Russia for Undeclared sum of MOney. The PNP explained that it was part of the fund used in an international convention in Russia.

An eye witness shows the Commission on HUman Rights a previous militarty camp in Bataan where activists are tortured by the Military. Some bones are unearthed and personal belongings.

Ateneo beats UP in the quality of education and other criteria based on the recent survey. LA Salle and UST were also able to get into top 500 best universities worldwide.

A bettor from Davao won more than 130 million jackpot price from the Lotto draw

Philippines is the least country in Asia that will be affected by the financial crisis worldwide according to a financial organization.

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