Saturday, October 18, 2008

103,000 Euros? Where did this came from:

The recent issue that is haunting the PNP is the holding of Russian authorities of Dela Paz, who serve as the disbursing officer of the Philippine delegation to the InterPol General Assembly in Moscow, Russia. There are many criticism why the General is holding such a huge sum of money. There are also some speculations that it may came from PNPs patrons which may came from the illegal gambling and drug syndicates. According to reports, the approved budget is lesser than what was on Dela Paz custody. It also prompted Senator Miriam Santiago to look into this matter and create an inquiry in the Senate. This was also seconded by Senator Panfilo Lacson.

With this huge sum of money given to government officials, we can again think that the peoples taxes are not used properly by the government. With just a handfull delegation, they were given millions of money to spent in other countries while there are so many Filipinos who can't even eat 3 times a day. Government expenditures should be checked carefully by COA and other agencies of the government. In this case NAPOLCOM should check on this matter. They should not let this issue taint their reputation again.

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