Sunday, February 8, 2009

Merging of Lakas and Kampi: Far from Reality

The efforts of some Kampi official to merge with Lakas is far from reality. Although they have agreed on some issues but again when it comes to political agenda, they have different objectives. Another issue raised by Lakas officials is to make them the dominant party in the merging and Kampi will just be part of the minority.

One obvious reason why Lakas is not letting go of Kampi as an ally is the resource and machinery they can provide. Although Kampi officials are trying to get more support from other Lakas members specially in the local politics. Shifting of political affiliations will not be surprising specially if there will be some promises given as what was made before. In the philippine politics, our politicians will only shift allegiance if they can get something in return. If Kampi will give what they want, maybe they will get the majority in the coalition. Again this would mean a lot of money.

Another problem with the merging is in the local level where there are aspiring candidates for both party. It already happened last election where both Kampi and Lakas have their own candidates in the local level which caused some problems in the coalition. although they were able to surpass this issues but this coming election in 2010, it is expected that more cases will be occurring. This will test how strong the coalition is.

As of this moment, no one can tell if the merging will take place, would it be sooner? or it will just be a dream of Kampi.

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