Friday, January 23, 2009

Latest Headlines in the Philippines

-The search for the Red Cross personnel who were abducted by the Abbu Sayyaf still continues. Red Cross officials said that they have already contacts with their personnel but silent if there is a demand for ransom. Spy planes of US are also noted in JOlo where the alleged kidnappers are currently hiding.

- A cabinet revamp was recently made by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She only reshuffled the same people in his cabinet.

- Intel Philippines is the latest casualty in the global financial crisis. They are shutting off their operation in the Philippines. Thousands of filipino workers will be loosing jobs. Texas instrument also announced that it is currently downsizing its manpower.

- The Alabang Boys saga continues. An anonymous letter was sent to the DOJ claiming that bribery really took place and an amount of 800 thousand was deposited to the account of the prosecutor handling the case. DOJ created a special investigation committee to look at the issue.

- Manny Pacqiao finally agreed to fight Hatton on a 50 - 50 share.

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