Thursday, October 22, 2009

Former President Erap Declared His Presidential Bid in Tondo

Most of us were not surprised on the announcement of Former President Erap Estrada that he will run for President in the 2010 national elections. He already made previous statements that if the opposition can't find a common candidate against the administration, he will run. Right now the opposition will be fielding at least 4 presidentiables which may just divide the peoples decision to have a new president who can promise change and development for the country.

Estrada's camp chose Tondo as the venue of the Pronouncement because they believe that the masses still support him. It also portrays the existing scenario or condition of the Filipino people. He focused on the failure of the current administration to address poverty and corruption. He made mentioned of the surveys of the SWS that almost 50 percent of filipinos consider themselves as poor.

The speech which lasted for minutes is just another traditional speech from a politician. Nothing new, except for his statement that he suffered injustice from the current administration. This time he denied all the accusations against him which landed him 6 years in prison.

Political analyst are divided whether the Former President, who was convicted with plunder, can still run for President or any position in the government. Lets just wait when Erap files his candidacy at Comelec. Expect that cases for disqualification will be filed against Him since the former President is still a threat to other Presidentiables.

Erap's vice president is Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

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