Sunday, May 6, 2012

Claudine and Raymart Brawled with Journalist Mon Tulfo, Caused by Lousy Cebu Pacific Service

If the sentiments of ordinary people are not being heard in the media regarding the lousy services of local airlines in the Philippines, a celebrity couple made it to the headlines. On Sunday, Raymart and Claudine Baretto engaged in a physical altercation with veteran journalist Mon Tulfo in NAIA Terminal 3.

Based on online reports, the scuffle started when Claudine reprimanded a Cebu Pacific employee regarding their missing luggage. A man, who turns out to be Mon Tulfo, is taking a footage of the scenario. Raymart allegedly confronted Tulfo but the journalist punched him. On the other hand, Tulfo said that he was just defending himself because he was already being ganged up by the companions of the celebrity couple.

The incident resulted to a brawl. In the video below, Tulfo got contusions in the face while Claudine complained that she was kicked by Tulfo. Both parties are planning to file a case.

Meanwhile, Raymart and Claudine wanted to see the airport CCTV video footage to see what really happened and who initiated the fight. Since both parties are connected to TV Networks, Mon Tulfo on TV5 while the Santiago's on GMA 7, we expect that they will have their own story to tell.

Video of Raymart and Claudine vs. Tulfo Brawl at the NAIA

Let us hear what Cebu Pacific can say about this incident. Local air carriers should not be just after the profit. They must provide better services to the public.

Maybe its time to review the laws governing the operation of local carriers in the country. The CAB, NAIA, DOTC, and other concerned government agencies must act now to resolve these problems- overbooking, delayed flights, poor customer service, poor facilities in airports, canceled flights, etc...

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  1. the worst thing is NAIA don't have operational CCTV cameras in the area where the scuffle happened. if they have the video, then this incident is solved already.