Monday, November 3, 2008

US is Expecting a New Black President

With only a few time left for John McCain, Barack Obama is enjoying a good lead. Based on the polls conducted by different media, Obama is leading as much as 10% over MaCain which is an indication that he has the clear advantage over his rival. If these survey will not change, there wil be a new black president for the United States of America.

Obama promises that he will again unite the nation. With his platform and program of government we can see that he is getting the support of more US citizens.The first task that he will be facing is on how to solve the financial crisis that is hitting worldwide economies.

With the automated elections in the US, the result of the Presidential Elections is fast. We just hope that the Philippine government will also do the same to avoid cheating and fraud.

The election in the US should be a model for our government. Results of the election is fast, there are only 2 candidates for the Presidency, voters are well informed of their candidates, and computerized elections.

And for Barack Obama, if he wins this contest, Philippines will always feel and will be affected of whatever changes that he will implement in the White House.

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