Saturday, November 22, 2008

GMA is Still Extending Her Term: The Clues

1. Ouster of Speaker Jose de Venecia as Speaker of the House of REpresentatives
2. GMA Allies in the lower house files for charter change
3. Change of the leadership in the Senate, putting an ally of the administration
5. Failure to appropriate enough budget for computerization of the next Presidential election.
6. Creating problems in the agreement between MILF and the government ( although they failed on this area when the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional)
7. Recent personal campaign of the President's son in the lower house gathering signatures to open the issue on charter change.
8. Prayer of her Press Secretary that her term should be extended.
9. Classmates of the President are campaigning for charter change.
10. Putting of allies in the Supreme Court when most of the Justices retire this year.
11. Maintaning close ties with the Generals in the armed forces and extending their term or appointing them to new positions.
12. Change from Prsidential to Parliamentary and Federal form of government.

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