Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Alabang Boys" Issue: Who's Telling the Truth?, Whos the Victor?

Its been a week now and still the frontpage of every newspaper and tabloid features the case of the "Alabang Boys". Its actually a high profile case since it involves wealthy families. From a simple buy bust operation of the PDEA, it has now exploded to various issues and concerns.

It started in the bribery issue where the PDEA agents and its head were allegedly bribed by some fillers of the family of the accused. It also involves some unethical works by the suspects' lawyers, wherein right now they are also facing a disbarment case in the Supreme Court filed by Jimenes of VACC or Volunteer Against Crime and Corruption. The lawyers of the suspects even prepared the release order for these "Alabang Boys" and sent it to DOJ.

An undersecretary was also involved in the alleged immediate release of the drug suspects.

With these issues, a congressional hearing was conducted to know more of the alledge bribery, illegal release order and so on.... Righ ranking officials of the government were called to share light on the issue. Again people were hook up on the TV's for the long debates and interrogations that usually last for hours.

Again, another spice that came up with this in aid of legislation proceedings is the testimony of the Brodetts brother who claimed that the son of his brother is really a user and a pusher of illegal drugs for the wealthy people. they even accused her mother as a user too.

Now it becomes a family feud. The accused Brodetts told reporters that it was because of money matters why his brother gave a testimony against them.

Another government agency enters into the picture, the NBI. They were asking the PDEA to submit evidences for the alledge bribery and additional proof for the case.

It seems that the story of the Alabang Boys will continue as more players as coming in to the scene. Its just like another telenovela that will make filipinos crave for more action, suspense, and twists.

But the reality here is the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country. According to researches there a lot of filipinos who are using illegal drugs, and the trade of these illegal drugs are still raking millions of profit for the sale and distribution.

These should be the main issue that the government should look into. Arrest drug traffickers, jail them. If there will be no sources ofthese illgeal drugs there will be no users and pushers, they may be rich or poor but it doesnt matter.


  1. who's telling the truth?

    definitely not the "old guy" in the doj

  2. ang isang matindi rito si gma, pumapapel at bumibida na naman.

    maganda rin ang nangyari at lalong nalalantad ang kahungkagan ng justice system natin.

    pero wag nilang gamitin ito laban kay puno at malayo ang isyu.

  3. GMA allies will do everything just to extend the term of the president.