Friday, January 16, 2009

Chief Justice Reynato Puno on Hot Seat

The political issues in the Philippines is unending. You can hear and see in the news various issues not just from our trapos or traditonal politicians but even in other branches of government specially the judiciary.

The Highest Court is again tested for its credibility and impartiality. It started with the allegations of a businessman named Biraogo who accused the Chief Justice of meddling in a election related case. The man said that Chief Justice Reynato Puno ignored a previous decision of the justices about the "Limkaichong Case". The decision states that Rep. Limkaichong is not a filipino citizen, a chinese therefore is not entitled to hold a public position.

Others would say that it is not about the Limkaichong Case but they are after the ouster of the Chief Justice. This is in connection with the alledge extension of the term of the President. If the Chief Justice would be out of the Highest Court of the land, it would be easier for the GMA allies to put a puppet in the Supreme Court.

It would be easier for them to manipulate the supreme court which is also against any move to amend the Constitution and the extension of the term of the current President.

In connection with these issues, the Chief Justice calls on the administration and the religious leaders to take an active role in "redirecting the destiny" of the country as it as suffering from moral decadence. MalacaƱang and CBCP welcomed this call by the Chief Justice.

Ping Lacson, who is also eyeing for the Presidency next election urges the Chief Justice to run for the Presidency. Lacson told reporters that he is willing to sacrifice his bid for the Top Position if Puno would be interested to run as President. This would help the country unite and achieve the necessary changes needed by the country.

As of this moment we still don't know what will be the ending of this story, would it be for the person who is for the truth or those people who are trying to ruin the justice system of the Philippines.

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