Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Typhoon Frank Updates and Destructions

The country was again put into another disaster when Typhoon Frank hit the country leaving so many casualties and destruction to infrastructure and the agriculture sector. Although the typhoon was not the strongest that hit the country but it caused a lot of damages including properties and lives of Filipinos.

The following are some of the facts and statisitics on Typhoon Frank:

Estimated affected individuals and families - 504,711
Total estimated destruction - 4.3 billion pesos
Total Deaths - 300+ and still increasing

Displaced people - 350,000 people
135 of 180 brangays were flooded
Damage to infrastructure - 500 million pesos
163 deaths 128 missing 16 injured

31 deaths

Eastern Visayas
33 thousands Families displaced

Central MIndanao
20 dead
many villages were flooded

2 deaths
320 houses destroyed by a tsunami

3 deaths
500 houses were damage

3 coastal towns were flooded

2 mountaineers died 1 missing

179 families were affected

4830 people were evacuated
10 towns, 71 villages were under a 4 ft floodwater

Metro Manila
suspension of all classes
many low lying barangays were submerged to floods

Sinking of MV Princess of the Orient: A ship of Sulpicio Lines
total people onboard the ship - 849
751 passengers
111 crew
20 deaths and still counting as more bodies were found trapped inside the ship
57 survivors... still hoping for more survivors

With these destruction brought by Typhoon Frank... filipinos were again put into another difficult situation. Some analyst said that it may again drive the prices of the basic commodities up including the price of rice.

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