Monday, June 2, 2008

Philippine Ports: Transhipment of Drugs in Asia?

With the latest apprehension of PASG of a large shipment of first grade shabu in Subic port, it is now alarming that the Philippines may be the transhipment point of syndicates for the trade of illegal drugs. It is also noted by the authorities that the shipments are of first grade shabu that can still be processed to make more of the said drug. The shipments of illegal drugs is also intended for the demand in the Philippines.

The PDEA or Philippine Drug enforcement Agency also appealed on a morning TV program that other government agencies should also police their own ranks because of the possible involvement of their personnel in the shipments of this illegal drugs to the philippines. Since money is involved in this illegal trade, there are people who are tempted to be part of big syndicate which includes foreign nationals mostly Chinese.

Allowing this illegal drugs penetrate the local market is a big problem of the government and of the society. Since it is now the start of the school year, the demand for this drug will increase. It will ruin the life of many youths who are the common victims of this illegal drugs.

Every filipino should be vigilant in helping our government stop this illegal trade. Let us not be complacent on this issue. With so many problems haunting our government and the problem of poverty in the Philippines, illegal use of drugs will make us suffer more.

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