Saturday, June 7, 2008

US Politics an example for Philippine Politics

With months of debates and exhausting primaries, nominees for the next presidential elections in the U.S. are now trimmed down to just two contenders. John McCain and Barack Obama stands to be the most strong candidate for the next election for each party, the democrats and republicans.

Here's the latest update of electoral votes for the two presidential nominees. This is quoted from

* Barack Obama - 282
* John McCain - 256

This is a very tight battle for the Presidency comes November. But what is good in U.S. Presidential elections? They only have 2 candidates for Presidency. The voters are guided on who will they choose since this candidates were chosen as the best from a handful of nominees.

Loosing nominees in the U.S. primaries concedes when they are defeated but not in the Philippines. Loosing candidates will always continue to file protests and claims of being cheated is a normal situation.

In the Philippines, anybody could run for President. Even a farmer can file his candidacy. In the Philippines, presidential election is always with nuisance candidates.

When can the Philippines adopt a similar method of choosing candidates for Presidential Elections? The government can save money and resources. Elections will be more organized and hopefully peaceful as what is happening in the U.S. It is a battle of intelligence, capability, and the power to lead.

In the Philippines, it is a battle of money and power.

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