Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Control of Meralco Still in the Lopezes

The result of the stockholders meeting yesterday still favored the Lopez family. Although there was tension on the stockholders meeting since the group of Winston Garcia was also there.

The results of the meeting is remarkable since even the small shareholders attended the stockholder's meeting. It seems that every stockholder of Meralco is doing their part in at least solving the crisis in the public utility firm.

Some of the comments from stockholders prove that more are still confident to the existing management. As one of the stockholder said that they dont like Winston Garcia run Meralco. Still the stockholders meeting is a mix of anti and pro Lopez.

The Lopez family also rejected the order of the SEC not to let proxy vote on the said meeting. Gina Lopez said that the decision of the SEC is unfair.

Now that the Lopezes still control Meralco, changes in policies and the rate of services should be taken into consideration. They have to listen to the voices of the people, their clients. Public interest should prevail.

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