Saturday, May 24, 2008

Death of RCBC Massacre Suspects is a Rubout?

The employees union and other bank organization claimed that there was something wrong with the latest development on the RCBC massacre. There might be a rubout in the deaths of 3 suspects which a barangay captain is included. Why should the policemen killed these suspects? The victims sustained 5 to 12 gunshot wounds. If these suspects will not be able to talk, they could not anymore give information as to who is the mastermind and other information that will solve the case.

Another development is the possibility that 2 or more police or military officers are involved in the massacre. Although the investigators are not giving complete information on the identity of these suspects. there might be some active or high ranking officers in uniform that may be involve in this case. A really organized syndicate.

I hope the authorities would be able to solve this crime soon. No cover ups, no rub outs. Just do their job - to protect the people.

The CHR (Commission on Human Rights) made a pronouncement that the deaths of 3 suspects in the RCBC Laguna Massacre is really a rubout. This is based on their envistigation as requested by the relatives and other groups. There is no indication that the suspects attacked the arresting police. Another violation committed by the police is the absence of Warrant of Arrest for the suspects. There is also no clear evidence identifying the suspects to the RCBC bank robbery.

This is again a big question to the integrity of the operation of the PNP or Philippine National Police. It seems that there is a cover up on this case and probably protecting somebody who is in uniform.

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