Wednesday, May 14, 2008

President GMA's Secret Meeting with ZTE

A new witness interviewed by ABS-CBN presented some photos of the alleged meeting between President GMA and some officials of ZTE Corporation in China. She was with her husband First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

According to former congressman Suplico, if this is really true, the President can be held accountable for the ZTE - NBN Scam. It can be considered a violation of graft and corrupt practices act.

Why meet ZTE official in a secret meeting where you can conduct it in their corporate offices? This would really prove that there is a grand conspiracy in the ZTE-NBN Deal.

I hope those who have the photos or new evidences can really present these evidences in the proper forum. No more politicking. They should not be used by some politicians who also have self-interests.

Again this is a wait and see scenario. Who will take the limelight again. Is it the senate, the lower house, or the activists in the streets ...

What would President GMA do. Deny it or make another issue to divert the attention of public?

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