Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Laguna Massacre: The Worst in Philippine History

The country was shocked when 10 people died in a bank robbery in RCBC Laguna a few days ago. The victims were shot point blank according to police reports. It is estimated that the total amount robbed from the bank was around 9- 12 million pesos. The police has some leads on the suspects and are continuing the investigation and pursuit of the suspects.

The reward for the capture of the suspects for RCBC Bank Robbery have already totaled to 2,000,000 pesos. The government already created a task force to facilitate the investigation and the arrest of the suspects.

Another shocking news was the massacre of a family in Hornalan, Calamba. This is another town in Laguna. The lone suspect which according to some witnesses has a grudge on one of the members of the massacred family, used an armalite rifle and made a shooting spree in middle of the night.

The casualties on that massacre includes 4 children and their parents. There are 8 victims who died on the spot and 6 people were wounded. Police had already identified the suspect as Bernabe Fiesta, a caretaker of a farm in the said locality.

This massacre in Laguna is considered as the worst in the history of the Philippines. The Philippine National Police and other government agencies should double their efforts to capture the suspects to these 2 massacres. They should not let these people to do these horrific acts again.

Should the government bring back the death penalty (again) to prevent these kind of acts?

the police already filed charges to more than 5 suspects on the RCBC Bank Robbery. One of the members of the group who served as the look out is now being considered if he can be a state witness to facilitate the case and the convictions of the suspects. The other suspects in the RCBC massacre are those people who were killed in the previous week, which were alleged to be a rubout.

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