Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Proposal for Free Text Messages: A Dream

The proposal of the Speaker of the House Prospero Nograles making the text messaging service of the telecommunications firms to make it free is something that the Speaker should think first. This is only a clear politicking. A nonsense proposal?

If you are an intelligent person, making the text messages free to your subscriber would just mean you want to loose income or worst it would lead you to bankcruptcy. The telcos get their bulk of income from this service and making it free would mean a big problem for them. Some of the executives of these telecommunications firms already reacted to this proposal of the Congressman.

If this proposal is insisted by the government just to "help the Filipinos" in their crusade against poverty, I think the government is not thinking intelligently. They will interfere to a purely private business activity. A business entity put up their businesses to gain profit. And asking these business entities to provide their services for free is ridiculous. The country will be loosing investor in this case. Or we can also say that this is a form of harassment to the business sector or maybe this is just another divertionary tactics of the allies of the President.

The intention of some politicians to make text messages for free is a contradiction to their previous proposals wherein they want to include or put a tax on text messaging service. Its confusing.

Should we ask from our lawmakers to just focus on their jobs and stop riding to the issues which sometimes make them funny. Formulate laws that will really help the Filipinos from the crisis that are still plaguing our country.

Why not reduce taxes on Oil?
why not speed up the development of alternative fuels?
Why not stop corruption in the government?
Why not use your pork barrels to more significant projects not just building kiosk, unfinished roads and bridges?
Why not reduce red tape in the government?
Why not implement cost cutting measures to at least they can effectively use the taxes of the people?
Why not reduce the perks and other benefits of high ranking government officials?
why not put competent people that will run the government?
why not lead the people by example?

We have so many questions that our lawmakers and the people in the executive department failed to address. For how long should Filipinos wait for these people to work for the best interest of the country.

I am also in favor of a much lower rates for text messages and in other sevices provided by SMART, GLOBE and Sun Cellular but it should be based on actions and proposals which are not impossible to attain. Just make it lower. Asking them to give it for free is impossible.

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