Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Earthquakes and Storms in Asia:

The recent earthquake that hit China already caused an alarm to other Asian countries. There are already some text messages that the Philippines would be the next one. Although this is not true since earthquakes cant be predicted as to where and when it will occur. The death toll in China is already estimated to reach at least 50 thousand casualties and the number will still rise as there are more bodies found in the hardly hit province of China.

The destruction to Burma of the cyclone a few weeks ago is another issue of how governments would address problems during calamities and other emergencies. the continued reluctance of Burma to accept humanitarian relief from United Nations, U.S. and other countries only adds up to the suffering of its people. Estimated casualties of the storm already hit more than 133,000 deaths including missing persons.

Since these natural calamities can happen to any nation, third world, developing or industrialized countries, governments should have a plan in dealing with these situations. Although the Philippines is frequently hit by these calamities, The country have not yet experienced having casualties similar to these Asian nations. It is still important that safety measures are always there. The Filipinos should be prepared all the times. Government agencies should always on guard on the possibilities that these may happen to our country.

Let us just hope and pray that the Philippines will be spared from these destruction. Its enough that we have dirty politics, poor Filipinos, high inflation and unemployment.

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